Tuesday, 21 March 2017


Today with our critical friend we discussed some ways we could achieve our ‘ how might I ‘ goals. I think that if we keep going to this we can achieve them, they seem more reachable and achievable when we break it down like this.

Critical friend

His goal was to stop swearing as much. He thinks that he isn't going as well as he would have hoped, Some strategies that he could use to improve and move forward would be to think before he says it. It comes naturally to him but mainly when he is angry. Its mostly when he talks to people it just comes out and he thinks that he needs to control this. Three things that he can do to complete this goal, think before he speaks, think of other alternate words to use instead of them. The reason this is such a big goal for him is because it was the reason he got kicked out of martin's hub. He feels that it wasn't the right fit for him anyway.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Critical friend

Today we where paired with new people in the hub and made to be there critical friend.  We where asked to evaluate there goals through our own eyes and see what the realistic future of it was. It was actually quite good to see what might actually happen and what was more of a long term goal. Even though I think that most people would have like to be paired with there friends it was good to get another opinion that wasn't in you friends circle.  Overall I think that I learned more about my hub members in this exercise.

Our personality test result

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Pie chart about me!

Yesterday we took a test to  see what our personalities match up with. There was 4 different coloured cards yellow- creative red-relatable green- organised and blue- strategising. and we could pick cards with traits on them like social that might match up with yellow.  What ever colours we had the most of was the one that we fitted into best some people has lots greens which meant that they fitted best into the organised category.

We then made a pie chart to show the percentages of each colour and to my surprise I was I was equal with all colours. I was confused at first but it turned out that I just have a mixed personality. But I do think that I can work on being more creative because I need to be for the field of work that I want to go into is very creative led.

I might do this is class by doing the more creative option and doing my presentation on paper rather than a laptop. even though I got equal I think that I can be more organised.  I could do this by arranging my days so that I am able to get in all the things that I need to get done properly instead of just going on social media all the time.

Overall I think that the cards identified what I need to work on and what I am good at.

Sunday, 13 November 2016


Task 1
Some things that people throw away might be useful and here are some things that I had thrown away that may have been useful. three items that I could have used are: old clothes to make into new up cycled clothes. I also have thrown out some food and I could have probably given that to my chickens to reduce the amount of rubbish in the bin. The last thing that I have thrown away this week is old blankets and I probably could have donated that to the homeless or something. Over all I think that when you throw things away you should think about it first.

Task 2
If I was stuck on a desert island my three things that I would take is water & food, weapon and a source of communication. My reason for taking food and water is because its the basic survival needs especially water because you can only go 3 days without it. My reason for a weapon is to get more food and for protection because you have no idea who is out there. My last thing is a source of communication because I could call and get help to get away from the place. 

Task 3
I think that regardless of the audience its made for everyone should try be more resourceful. I also think that regardless of age you should always try to better yourself and not regard everything as 'for adults'. 

Task 4
I think that to be resourceful you need to be able to see what something 'could be' not what it is now. One time that I have been resourceful is in one of my classes is when we went to the op shop and made some old clothes into cool new ones. Another time I was resourceful was when I was board at home and I made some toilet paper tubes and wool into a mini hat. The latest time I have been resourceful is when my dog got a hair cut and she was cold so I made a jumper for her because she was shivering. I felt afterwards that I had made less wast and made something useful from something that really wasn't. I think that being resourceful is something that we should all strive to get better at. 

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Mountain Biking!

Last Wednesday we went mountain biking and it was really fun but there was also a reason to it. I think that whilst we where biking everyone went through some part in the ride when they wanted to give up. There was many big hills and steep rocky parts but we all kept going. This is called resilience and I think that we all showed a great deal of it whilst going up some tricky parts. I think that doing this activity challenged some of us but also made us think more about resilience. Overall Im glad that we did this because it brought us together as a hub and helped us become more resilient.